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You Are What You Eat

There is a general agreement with the quote: "Health is Wealth". Yes, health is a priceless treasure. Good health does not always come easily. It is the product of a complex interaction of environmental, behavioral, social and genetic factors. Though some of these factors are beyond our control, there are many ways in which each of us can influence our chances for good health through the daily choices we make.

In recent years, scientific investigations have produced abundant information on the ways personal behavior affects health. This information can help us decide whether to smoke, when and how much to drink, how far to walk, or whether to engage in any other activity that might alter the risk of incurring disease or disability. Though for some of us who do not smoke or drink, one personal choice seems to influence long-term health prospects more than any other: what we eat.

Food sustains us, it can be a source of considerable pleasure, it is a reflection of our rich social fabric and cultural heritage as Malaysians, it adds valued dimensions to our lives. Yet what we eat may affect our risk for several of the leading causes of death, notably, coronary heart disease, stroke, atherosclerosis, diabetes, and some types of cancer. These disorders together now account for more than two-thirds of all deaths in the developed world. We in Malaysia are not too far behind in following the footsteps of the developed world in terms of food choices.

Though under-nutrition remains a problem in several parts of the world, but for most of us the more likely problem has become one of overeating too many calories for our activity levels and an imbalance in the nutrients consumed along with them. Our dietary patterns protect or injure human health, and enough has been learned about the overall health impact of the dietary patterns now prevalent in our society to recommend significant changes in those patterns.

Under this section of health nugget, we will discuss on how to maintain good health and some recommendations towards dietary reform and principles of a healthy lifestyle.