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Aenon Health Care

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which program should I register for in Aenon?

    Under the section "Medical Specialties" is listed the recommended program for the various needs. Should you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  2. Should I want to detox, which progam should I join?

    You can join the "5 or 10-Day Lifestyle to Health" program and also opt for the “colonic irrigation”.

  3. Should I send my medical reports before going for the program?

    We prefer our health guests to fax, email us wherever possible any important information before joining the program so that we are able to plan their program ahead of time. There is no need to send any X-ray or scan images.

  4. Can I claim my medical insurance for my treatment in Aenon?

    Most insurance do not cover stay in Aenon as we are not a hospital.

  5. When do the program start and end?

    The "5-Day Lifestyle to Health" programs begins on Sundays and end on Thursdays.
    There are two "10-Day Lifestyle to Health" programs.
    The first start on a Sunday and finish on the next Tuesday.
    The second one starts on a Wednesday and finish on the next Friday.
    Click to check session dates!

  6. Can I come at other times then in the program schedule?

    Not during the break time after each 20 days program. For each different program, there is a scheduled date. Should you want to come on a different date, please call us and we will try to make the necessary arrangements.

  7. When should I check in and check out.

    Check in after 12:00 Noon. Check out time is after lunch.

  8. Will Aenon Health Care pick me up from KLIA or KL Low Cost Terminal airport?

    We can arrange a private taxi to pick you up from the airport with prior notification and arrangement. Each pickup costs about RM 160. (subject to change by the taxi company)

  9. Can I bring my children?

    Children of guests cannot be catered for at Aenon (even though we love children ^_^ ). This is mainly to do with safety and accommodation issues and the need to control noise.

  10. Can I bring a carer or accompaniment?

    Yes. We encourage those attending the 20-Day Cancer Battle Program or the 20-Day Intensive Program to bring along a carer to learn how to care for the guest when he returns home. The expenses for the carer will be charged differently.

  11. What do I need to bring?

    Medications and essential supplements. Any investigation reports. Swim suit for hydrotherapy. Comfortable walking shoes. Slippers. Torch. Casual clothes for health centre.

  12. Do I need to place a deposit when I book for the program? And should I pay?

    Yes. A 50% deposit of the program fees is to be paid before the commencement of the program.
    Kindly refer here, for one of the hassle free payment method.

  13. If I attend the health program in Aenon the second or subsequent times, will I get a discount for the program fees?

    For a second or subsequent attendance in the 5 and 10-Day Lifestyle to Health Program, the health guest can request for a 10% reduction in program fees.
    * There is also a minimal reduction of program fees for subsequent attendance of a 20-Day Cancer Battle and Intensive programs.
    * Reduction is subject to revision.

  14. If I come as a companion, accompanying a health guest who is joining a program, what would be the fees?

    A companion** accompanying a health guest will be charged separately. The companion's fees will generally be a 25 % reduction of the corresponding lifestyle program fees of the health guest.
    ** A companion will have room and board, participate in lectures, and attend cooking classes but not receiving a participants manual, and not participating in the treatment programs, laboratory blood tests, doctor's consultation, etc. Reduction is also subject to revision.