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Aenon Health Care

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Health Center Take a look

Aenon Health Care operates a Lifestyle Center located up in the mountain region of Tampin town in the state of Negeri Sembilan. The Lifestyle Center has the concept of a home-style live-in environment for interaction among the guests but also provides the freedom of space for those who require some time to be alone.

Treatments Take a look

Hydrotherapy (the use of water for treatment) forms a prominent modality of treatment for diseases. Hydrotherapy boosts the immune system, detoxifies, and increases vascular circulation. Contrast showers, whirlpool baths, hot fomentations, and a Russian steam bath are a few of the treatments to choose from. Now at new Aenon we are equipped with better facilities and new equipments offering you a more satisfying experience of hydrotherapy treatments.

Health Lectures Take a look

Health lectures are conducted in mainly English and/or Mandarin. Provision is made for translation to other languages. These health and medical lectures provide informative and up-to-date learning experiences. Practical tips for adopting a healthy lifestyle is introduced and guests are motivated to make the healthy changes.

Cooking Class Take a look Take a look

During the cooking class, you will learn the basic principles of nutrition and cooking. You will be amazed that with the simplest ingredients, you can prepare a healthy and delicious meal.

Activity Take a look

Exercise improves the health of body, mind and spirit; multiplying vitality and health. Muscle tone and muscle strength is lost without exertion. Exercise therapy involves a daily warm-up and cool-down calisthenics, with outdoor walks around the beautiful and bigger surroundings of New Aenon.

Vegan Foods Take a look

Vegan food is an integral part of rejuvenation with wide ranging benefits for health and well-being and is now recommended for its anti-cancer and pro-cardiac health qualities. Our vegan nutrition is naturally low in fat, without any cholesterol, high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega oils. Aenon avoids foods with additives or preservatives. New Aenon has a beautiful dining hall built surrounded by natural rocks. It also offers views that overloook a beautiful garden. With the new commercial-sized kitchen Aenon can offer you pleasant dining experience. Many new health food products are also available for purchase in new Aenon.

Farm Take a look

With the increasing unhealthy food produce in the markets. Aenon seeks to overcome this problem by encouraging growing our own food. Hencefore, new Aenon has allocated land for argriculture. By the grace of God Aenon hopes to be able to provide safe food for its guests.

Scenic Take a look

With its location up on an isolated mountain guests can enjoy an environment of natural beauty and wildlife around. Catch the spectacular views of sunset, sunrise, after-rain, etc.